Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Developer Reference – Chapter 17 Developing Workflows

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Understand and Develop SharePoint 2013 Workflows

This FREE eBook contains excerpts from Chapter 17 Developing Workflows from the Paolo Pialorsi book ‘Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Developer Reference’. In the chapter you will discover the architecture of the new workflow Engine of SharePoint 2013 and you will understand how to create  and develop custom workflows.

Paolo’s book ‘Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Developer Reference’ will help you design and develop great solutions using SharePoint 2013

Develop your business collaboration solutions quickly and effectively with the rich set of tools, classes, libraries, and controls available in Microsoft SharePoint 2013. With this practical reference, enterprise-development expert Paolo Pialorsi shows you how to extend and customize the SharePoint environment-and helps you sharpen your development skills. Ideal for ASP.NET developers with Microsoft .NET and C# knowledge.

Discover how to:
• Create custom SharePoint apps and publish them in the Office Store
• Orchestrate your workflows with the new Workflow Manager 1.0
• Access and manage your SharePoint data with the REST APIs
• Federate SharePoint with Windows Azure Access Control Services
• Customize your SharePoint 2013 UI for a better user experience
• Gain a thorough understanding of authentication and authorization

About the Author:

Paolo Pialorsi Resized Paolo Pialorsi:   Paolo is the founder of PiaSys (, a company focused on Microsoft SharePoint and .NET development. He’s a consultant, trainer, book author and speaker at the best international conferences about Microsoft technologies. He writes articles for IT magazines, authored several books for Microsoft Press (the latest is “Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Developer Reference”) and posts regularly on his technical blog ( You can follow Paolo on Twitter (@PaoloPia).

Paolo passed more than 40 Microsoft certification exams and achieved the following certifications: Microsoft Certified Solutions Master on SharePoint, MCP, MCT, MCSD.NET, MCSE, MCSA, MCAD, MCTS on several Microsoft technologies and IBM Certified Developer on XML technologies.

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