Professional SharePoint 2010 Administration Ch 10. Administering SharePoint 2010 with Windows PowerShell

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SharePoint 2010 boasts a variety of incredible new features that
will challenge even the most experienced administrator who is
upgrading from SharePoint 2007. Written by a team of SharePoint
experts, this book places a takes aim at showing you how to make
these new features work right for you.

Offering an in-depth look at SharePoint 2010, the authors focus
on how SharePoint functionality has changed from its earliest
version to its newest, and they provide you with detailed coverage
of all the new features and capabilities.

  • Presents in-depth coverage of the new features and functions of
    SharePoint 2010
  • Demonstrates installation, configuration, and upgrading
    existing SharePoint 2007 servers
  • Discusses architecture and capacity planning, securing and
    managing site content, and integrating Office clients
  • Details the protocol for handling monitoring, creating backups,
    and executing disaster recovery
  • Addresses shared service applications, navigation and
    governance, and business intelligence and reporting services

Professional SharePoint 2010 presents a solid understanding of the
functionality that SharePoint 2010 provides, which will allow you
to see what it can do for you

This FREE eBook contains excerpts from
Chapter 10 ” Administering SharePoint 2010 with
Windows PowerShell”

This chapter will get you up to speed on PowerShell in general,
and then show you how to harness the power of this beast to benefit
your SharePoint 2010 farm. It covers
• Basic Windows PowerShell usage
• How to use common SharePoint 2010 cmdlets
• The SharePoint object model

About the Author:

Todd Klindt  has been a professional
computer nerd for 15 years, and was an amateur computer nerd before
that. After finding out in college that his desire for food
and shelter and his abilities at programming were not
compatible, he decided to try being an administrator instead. He
got his MCSE in 1997 and spent a lot of time taming Windows
Server, Exchange Server, and the unlucky SQL Server here and there.
In 2002 he was tasked with setting up a web page for his IT
department. He couldn’t program, and he couldn’t design with
HTML to save his life. He found SharePoint Team Services on an
Office XP CD and decided to give it a shot. Turns out SharePoint
was just what the doctor ordered. As each version of
SharePoint was released, Todd became more and more enamored with
it. In 2005 Todd was awarded Microsoft’s MVP award for Windows
SharePoint Services. Since then he has written for a couple of
SharePoint books, a couple of magazine articles, and had the
pleasure of speaking in more places than he can believe. To pay the
bills he’s a SharePoint consultant and trainer
with SharePoint911. He can be found on Twitter dispensing
invaluable SharePoint and relationship advice as @ToddKlindt. For
the web 1.0 folks he also has a blog at

Shane Young has over 14 years experience
architecting and administering largescale server farms using
Microsoft enterprise technologies. For the past six years, he
has been working exclusively with SharePoint Products and
Technologies as a consultant, author, and trainer. He has
architected SharePoint solutions for clients ranging from 20
to 50,000 users. Shane has been awarded the SharePoint
Server MVP designation for five consecutive years. He is also
a renowned speaker at national and international Microsoft
conferences. He is the author of several of the leading SharePoint
2007 and 2010 SharePoint Training courses, several Microsoft
whitepapers, numerous books, and various
SharePoint 2010 videos. You can contact Shane on Facebook,
LinkedIn, Twitter@ShanesCows, via email at, his blog at or
through his company’s website at

Steve Caravajal is a Principal Architect with
the Microsoft Corporation. Steve has 23+ years experience in
technology and product development, consulting, and training.
At Microsoft, Steve’s focus includes architecting enterprise
solutions that include SharePoint, Office, and custom .NET
applications. He has been architecting, deploying and
customizing SharePoint solutions for over 10 years. He holds a
Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Mathematics, a Doctoral
degree in Chemistry and Computer science, and he is an Adjunct
Professor at a couple of local universities. Steve has several
patents and published articles, speaks at conferences and has
written two previous books: SharePoint 2007 and Office
Development Expert Solutions, and Inside SharePoint
2007 Administration. He has also written and managed the
development of numerous enterprise software applications in C++,
Java and .NET.

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