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Real-Time Web Application Development

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Design, develop, and deploy a real-world web application by leveraging modern open source technologies. This book shows you how to use ASP.NET Core to build cross-platform web applications along with SignalR to enrich the application by enabling real-time communication between server and clients. You will use Docker to containerize your application, integrate with GitHub to package the application, and provide continuous deployment to Azure’s IaaS platform.

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Topics include:

 Ch 1. Designing a Modern Real-World Web Application

Overview of Application Development Strategies and Processes
Introduction to the Automobile Service Center Application
Scope of the Application
Technologies Used in Building the Application
Logical Architecture of the Application
Continuous Integration and Deployment Architecture
Software Prerequisites

Ch 2: The New Era of .NET Core

Introduction to .NET Core
Introduction to ASP.NET Core
Versions and Roadmap of .NET Core and ASP .NET Core
Creating the Automobile Service Center Application
Understanding the ASP.NET Core Web Project Artifacts

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