Rise of the Advocates

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Rise of the Advocates – the new eBook by Nate Chamberlain, MVP, offers food for thought in creating or improving your different advocate groups.

You may notice Nate doesn’t differentiate a lot between governance and champions because he believes they should overlap a LOT. Your governance members should be involved in championing the tool they govern. Champions (aka power users and advocates) should be involved in the governance of the tool they champion. Use Nate’s suggestions as a starting place and make the rest of your journey your own.

Topics include:

  • Group Types
  • Group Composition
  • Meeting Prep
  • Making Space
  • 5 Rules for Executing Productive Governance Committee Meetings
  • Advocate Activities
  • Analyze Search Reports
  • Committee Membership Review
  • Discuss Implications of Requests
  • Vote and participate in interactive quizzes
  • Monthly Challenge
  • Design a training plan
  • Introduce new tools and ideas by first-hand experience
  • Revise your intranet’s navigation

You can also find the print version on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2WXIcHO


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