SharePoint 2013 Development Machine

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Learn how to develop a single machine SharePoint 2013 Environment

Share Point 2013 Development MachineDevelopment Machine time has landed. Every SharePoint developer will need to build a Virtual Machine on which they can do their development. The only exception to this rule is if you are targeting Office 365 only, but still, having your own Virtual Machine running SharePoint 2013 is almost essential.

This booklet is a larger part of many books and it walks you through:

  1. The process of setting up a SINGLE MACHINE SharePoint 2013 development environment.
  2. The many practical implications you need to consider when creating such a machine.
  3. Sahil and Srini also share practical insights into how you can strike the right tradeoff between portability, performance, and functionality by creating a single VM SP DEV environment.

About the Authors:

Sahil Malik, is a techie like you. He loves new technologies, playing with gadgets, programming, building computer systems, or breaking them. He delivers trainings in Microsoft technologies, including SharePoint, and consults on various interesting projects around the world.
For his SharePoint trainings, or consulting work, you can find him on


Srini Sistla is a SharePoint MCTS, co-author for the books’Pro SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence Solution’, and’Pro SharePoint Migration’, has over 12 years of experience in designing, developing and implementing variety of @srinisistla solutions using Microsoft Technologies. He is also an active blogger, INETA speaker and SharePoint 2010 trainer.


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