SharePoint 2013 Installation Step by Step

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Set Up and Install SharePoint 2013

Learn the SharePoint 2013 Installation process step by step. The release of SharePoint 2013 comes a whole new raft of technologies to understand and implement.

This eBook will go through the setting up of SharePoint 2013 itself from creating the setup accounts to the actual install of the software. We won’t be covering the installation of SQL Server in this eBook, the eBook assumes you have a functioning SQL Server ready for the installation of SharePoint 2013, for all examples in this eBook and instance of SQL 2012 server is used.

SharePoint 2013 Installation

SharePoint 2013 Installation

The eBook will also cover the setup and implementation of the new Microsoft Workflow Manager and Office Web Apps which now run as separate servers and are accessed by SharePoint 2013. This eBook uses a very simple infrastructure model which is ideal for demonstrating the techniques for installing SharePoint 2013 and its associated servers, but this model should not be used in a production environment.

About the Author:

Alan Richards SharePoint Installation Step by Step

Alan Richards has been working in the IT industry for over 17 years and during that time has been at the forefront of using IT. He has led teams that have been among the first to roll out Windows, Exchange and SharePoint, many of these successes have been showcased in Microsoft case studies. Recently Alan’s work has concentrated on SharePoint & Office 365 and the implementation of these technologies in organisations to enhance business processes and efficiency. Alan is currently working as Senior Consultant at Foundation SP, a SharePoint & Office 365 strategy and delivery company who were recently awarded Microsoft Partner of the year for portals & collaboration. Alan is also a regular speaker & blogger and has been a SharePoint MVP since July 2011.

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