SharePoint 2013 – Planet of the Apps

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Learn the basics of SharePoint 2013 Apps
The one book you need to get started with what is perhaps the biggest difference between SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.

This book covers:

  1. The basics of SharePoint Apps, the inside workings, Provider hosted apps, and Azure hosted apps.
  2. It talks of development experience and nuances of both on-premises Apps and Office 365 Apps. Note: This book does not cover anything about Office Client Apps.

This eBook is part of a bigger work that takes you end to end through SharePoint 2013.

If you are already familiar with SharePoint 2010, and wish to take a quick dive into what is perhaps the biggest change in SharePoint 2013, this chapter is a great way to start.

About the Author:

Sahil Malik, is a techie like you. He loves new technologies, playing with gadgets, programming, building computer systems, or breaking them. He delivers trainings in Microsoft technologies, including SharePoint, and consults on various interesting projects around the world.
For his SharePoint trainings, or consulting work, you can find him on


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