The SharePoint Business Analyst Guide

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The SharePoint Business Analyst Guide

The SharePoint Business Analyst Guide

This SharePoint Business Analyst Guide is for the SharePoint guy or gal who doesn’t quite fit anywhere else in the world of SharePoint.

You may work with users discussing their business needs and documenting how to build a SharePoint project. Perhaps you have to test or assist others with figuring out what they want from SharePoint. Maybe you help manage a project move along and coordinate everything happening among stakeholders.

Requirements, architecting solutions, UAT, adoption, security, planning, basic administration and development all seem to fall into this new “job title”, the SharePoint Business Analyst.

After working with SharePoint for 10 years, the author is happy to share his remarkable accumulation of tips, document samples and templates with you. The book will give you a jump start in making every SharePoint project or site you work on a success.


Download the preview chapter Creating Your SharePoint Requirements above or purchase the full book here

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