The SharePoint Governance Manifesto

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The SharePoint Governance ManifestoDisruptive Governance thinking for the masses. This manifesto is about SharePoint Governance, project success factors and disrupting the status quo. Actually, this manifesto could have easily have been about the Governance of any collaboration, social, knowledge management or information management platform.

This manifesto is not about the SharePoint Governance approaches that you see today, focused only on technology and information. This manifesto describes a more holistic, positively disruptive and business led form of Governance. The word Governance does not mean “huge document that no-one reads” or “a set of rules to stop your users doing stuff”. As stated in Wikipedia, the word Governance is said to have been derived from the Greek verb Kubernáo, used for the first time in a metaphorical sense by Plato. In Latin, the term Governance means “To Steer” and this phrase is the basis of this Manifesto.

The SharePoint Governance Manifesto seeks to enable you all to deliver business value to your organisations by positively disrupting your SharePoint projects. We will do this with the experiences, analogies, tools and techniques that are contained within these pages… Whether you are a consultant, business analyst, project manager, developer or business stakeholder this manifesto is your roadmap to business aligned SharePoint success. On our journey we will discuss Governance snake-oil, the celery effect, complexity theory, Cynefin, sailing, waves, change management, the seven waves of Governance, facilitation, Tummelers, collaborative play and many other weird and wonderful facets of my positively disruptive approach to SharePoint Governance. It is my intention that this book will cut through all the existing SharePoint Governance crap that is out there and steer you on a path to SharePoint awesomeness.


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