SharePoint Governance & the Pillars of Wisdom – Part 3

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Over the years the subject of SharePoint governance has taken on
a distinctly technical flavour and confusion reigns. Ian have taken
the opportunity of using his business-focused expertise to
redressing the balance by returning the subject of SharePoint
Governance to its origins – the business. In this exclusive and
packed 150+ page business governance bible, Ian demonstrate how the
Seven Pillars of Wisdom, a philosophy that underpins all major
belief systems, also underpins the corporate universe and how it
applies directly to SharePoint. Using this practical guide, any
organisation can prepare a complete governance strategy for
SharePoint in the cloud and on premise, ensuring full alignment
with their business program.

This uniquely informative bible of SharePoint business Governance
is a real game changer by leading any reader to a practical
understanding of how one should approach the subject of SharePoint
Governance from a truly business perspective and how it can be
simplified into a structure that really works.

This FREE eBook final part in a three part


About the Author: 

Ian 1a

Ian McNeice is a successful SharePoint strategist and author of
the internationally recognised Salem Process ™ methodology and
framework for SharePoint as well as founder of The Salem
Consulting Group, specialising in SharePoint strategy and
consulting. Ian has worked with and consulted to leading Microsoft
solution providers to provide a wide range of business solutions
using SharePoint that have gone on to receive Microsoft global case

Ian was originally a business client of SharePoint, having led
an early deployment of SPS 2003 to over 20,000 business users.
Since those days Ian has been involved in the RDP and TAP for
MOSS 2007 and subsequently consulted to a wide range of
international organizations on SharePoint business strategy.

Today, Ian consults alongside Microsoft teams to famous brand
name organizations to ensure SharePoint strategic excellence using
the Salem Process ™ that he invented as well as supporting, through
Salem Consulting, an ever increasing international partner
ecosystem of Salem licenced partners around the world who
utilise the Salem framework with their client portfolio.

In 2012 Salem is listed by Gartner as an international innovator
in their latest report on the competitive SharePoint


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