SharePoint RBS for Dummies, Special Edition Chapter 2

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Do you have a mountain of SharePoint content that you’re trying
to manage? SharePoint RBS For Dummies, Special Edition, can help!

Discover how to reduce your costs while still getting peak
performance. With this book, you see how Remote BLOB Storage (RBS)
is used to optimize the storage of your content. Discover best
practices and different solutions you can deploy within your
SharePoint environment.

This FREE eBook contains excerpts from
Chapter 2 “Untangling SharePoint BLOB
. In this chapter you will

> The difference between metadata and BLOB

> Understand what it means to be a BLOB

> Discover how SharePoint handles BLOB storage


About the Authors:

Steve Marsh 

Steve Marsh PR Cropped

Steve joined Metalogix in the spring of 2010 to help build
on the momentum that the company has been enjoying in Europe with
their Microsoft SharePoint Migration and Management technologies.
As well as speaking at various events, including the Microsoft
SharePoint Conference in California and the European SharePoint
Conference in  Berlin, Steve also spends a lot of
his time working directly with Metalogix customers and

Prior to joining Metalogix, Steve spent over 5 years working at
Microsoft UK Ltd where he held a number of roles, the last of which
was as the SharePoint Server Product Manager, responsible for
business and marketing strategy and awareness of Microsoft’s
SharePoint technologies.

Steve gained his PhD in
Microelectronics and Physics from the University of Dundee where he
worked on the research and development of novel semiconductor
memory and flat panel display technologies


Trevor Hellebuyck


Trevor is the Vice President, Enterprise Technology &
Corporate Strategy and in this role, he oversees product strategy
and product development across all the business units that span the
product portfolio. In his previous role as a principal and COO with
BlueThread Technologies. Trevor was instrumental in the
development, growth and ultimate sale of the startup business to
Metalogix in 2010. Trevor has over 15 years of experience as a
software developer, architect, and technology executive with
primary focus on Microsoft products and technologies. Trevor brings
extensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Enterprise
Application Integration experience to Metalogix from his prior
positions at BlueThread Technologies and NuSoft Solutions (acquired
by RCM Technologies in 2008).

Trevor holds a bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University
in Computer Information Systems, is married with three children,
and resides in the Metro Detroit area.


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