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Stream Analytics with Microsoft Azure

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Develop and manage effective real-time streaming solutions by leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure. Download this exclusive excerpt from the book Stream Analytics with Microsoft Azure by Anindita Basak, Krishna Venkataraman, Ryan Murphy and Manpreet Singh.

Chapter 1: Developing Real-Time Event Processing with Azure Streaming

  • Stream Analytics tools for Visual Studio
    – Prerequisites for the installation of Stream Analytics tools
    – Development of a Stream Analytics job using Visual Studio
  • Defining a Stream Analytics query for Vehicle Telemetry job analysis using Stream Analytics tools
    – Query to define Vehicle Telemetry (Connected Car) engine health status and pollution index over cities
    – Testing Stream Analytics queries locally or in the cloud
    – Stream Analytics job configuration parameter settings in Visual Studio
  • Implementation of an Azure Stream Analytics job using the Azure portal
    – Provisioning for an Azure Stream Analytics job using the Azure Resource Manager template
    – Configuration of the Azure Streaming job with different input data sources and output data sinks
    – Data Stream inputs
  • Summary

Chapter 2: Optimizing Intelligence in Azure Streaming

  • Integration of JavaScript user-defined functions using Azure Stream Analytics
    – Adding JavaScript UDF with a Stream Analytics job
    – Integrating intelligent Azure machine learning algorithms with Stream Analytics function
    – Data pipeline Streaming application building concepts using Azure .NET Management SDK
  • Summary

Download the ebook excerpt above or purchase the full eBook here

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