The Essential Guide to Enterprise Search in SharePoint 2013

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Learn how to get the most out of SharePoint 2013 Search

Essential Guide To Sp SeachThere’s a lot to say about SharePoint 2013, and about search in SharePoint 2013. This e-book is focused only on search, and is meant to give you a working understanding of the new features so that you can get oriented with them and think about how you will deploy and use them. It does not try to cover everything, nor is it meant to be a hands-on guide.

In this book we will be covering five key areas as they relate to search. Each section contains short chapters that can be read independently or continuously.

These 5 key areas are:

  1. User Experience
  2. Working with Queries and Results
  3. Working with Content
  4. Architecture, Deployment & Operations
  5. Applications and Development

The goal is to enable readers to focus on the information they need to learn about at the moment. This eBook was published by BA Insight.

About the Authors:

Jeff Fried, CTO, BA Insight
Jeff is a long-standing search nerd. He was the VP of Products for semantic search company LingoMotors, VP of Advanced Solutions for FAST Search, and technical product manager for all Microsoft enterprise search products. He is also a frequent writer, who has authored 50 technical papers and co-authored two new books on SharePoint and search. He holds over 15 patents, and routinely speaks at industry events.

Agnes Molnar, MVP
Agnes is a Microsoft SharePoint MVP and a Senior Solutions Consultant for BA Insight. She has also co-authored and contributed to several SharePoint books. She is a regular speaker at technical conferences and symposiums around the world.

Michael Himelstein, vTSP
Michael has more than 20 years of practical experience developing, deploying, and architecting search-based applications. In this role he has advised hundreds of the largest companies around the world around unified information access. He was previously a Technology Solutions Manager in the Enterprise Search Group at Microsoft.

Tony Malandain
Tony Malandain is a co-founder of BA-Insight. Tony architected and built the first version of the product which gained significant momentum on the Microsoft Office
SharePoint Server (MOSS) and positioned BA Insight as the leading Enhanced Search vendor for SharePoint. Tony was awarded a patent for the core AptivRank technology, which monitors usage behavior of search users to influence relevancy automatically.

Eric Moore

Eric Moore is the lead for BA Insight’s Search Interactions and Content Enrichment teams. He is accustomed to living at the leading edge of search, and has deep experience with multimedia search, XML search, and content enrichment. Prior to BA Insight, Eric worked for five years at FAST and on the Microsoft Search Platform team. Eric has developed state of the art Products, algorithms, and platforms for specialized information workers.

BA Insight

BA Insight™ is the leading provider of integrated search technologies that help organizations leverage the full power of Microsoft SharePoint® and FAST Search across the enterprise. BA Insight’s flagship Longitude Search and Longitude Connector products let organizations extend Microsoft’s enterprise search capabilities across dozens of CRM, ERP, ECM, messaging, and collaboration systems, and delivers rich document preview and assembly tools that empower knowledge workers to act upon search results with greater speed and effectiveness.

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