Working with Microsoft Fast Search Server 2010 for SharePoint – Ch9. Useful Tips and Tricks

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Fast Search Server 2010

Build robust, scalable search solutions to fit the way your
business works

Deliver powerful search tools to your clients-using Microsoft FAST
Search Server 2010 for SharePoint. Led by three search experts,
you’ll learn how to deliver advanced intranet search capabilities
and build custom, search-driven applications for your business. Use
your skills as a SharePoint architect or developer to configure and
program this server for different search scenarios, based on
real-world examples.

Discover how to:
•Integrate FAST Search Server for SharePoint into your existing
SharePoint architecture
•Use best practices to develop solutions specific to your
•Enable users to search millions of SharePoint documents
•Master powerful indexing and data modification techniques
•Expand document processing capabilities to handle data more
•Develop custom search applications and web parts
•Configure your server for current content volume, and plan for
future expansion
•Manage search operations and monitor performance directly from


This FREE eBook  contains excerpts from
Chapter 9 “Useful Tips and Tricks” .After completing this chapter,
you will be able to

  • Perform a variety of technical tasks with FS4SP and know what
    business case they solve
  • Use FS4SP and its feature set to build better search-based


Who Should Read This Book (excerpt)

We wrote this book for people actively implementing search
solutions using FS4SP and for people who simply want to learn more
about how FS4SP works. If you are a Share-Point architect or
developer implementing FS4SP, this book is for you. If you are
already using SharePoint search and want to know what
differentiates it from FS4SP, this book explains the additional
features available in FS4SP and how you can take advantage
of them.

If you are a power user or SharePoint administrator maintaining
an FS4SP solution, this book is also for you because it covers how
to set up and maintain FS4SP. This book covers basic FS4SP
installation but does not discuss the details of how to set up an
FS4SP farm; that information is covered in detail at Microsoft
TechNet. In
this book, we have expanded and filled out the information
available on TechNet and MSDN to provide valuable real-life

About the Author:

Mikael Svenson

Mikael is a principal consultant and internal developer at
Puzzlepart, a SharePoint consultancy and software vendor creating
Business Apps for SharePoint –

Mikael has been awarded SharePoint Server MVP (Microsoft Most
Valuable Professional) and is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer
(MCT) focusing on search within SharePoint and tries to spread the
gospel of search whenever the chance. He blogs regularly at

Marcus Johansson

Marcus Johansson has spent the last six years working with search
solutions, both in academia and industry. He has implemented search
technology for a wide range of clients, ranging from large Fortune
100 financial companies to some of the world’s largest real-estate
agents and leading media conglomerates. Marcus holds an MSc in
Computer Science & Engineering. he lives in Stockholm,

Robert Piddocke

Robert Piddocke has worked with search technology for over a
decade and has implemented hundreds of site and enterprise search
solutions, including solutions for The Holy See, The London Stock
Exchange, Lloyds of London, Microsoft Xbox, Metlife, and many more.
He co-authored the book “Pro SharePoint 2010 Search.” Originally
from Vancouver, BC, where he currently lives with his wife and two
children, Robert has also worked in Japan, and Denmark, and speaks
English, Danish, and Japanese. He holds a degree from the
University of Victoria, in Victoria, British Columbia. Currently,
Robert is a director of business development for a global leader in
search infrastructure software.

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