Efficient Model for Microsoft based DevOps on Cloud

We all have in recent times have been in a situations where we need to decide if any business application need to move to cloud. Have we not been talking about DevOps for long? Microsoft is moving into the DevOps space and they have an Ace up their sleeve.

We all want to provision applications and release and deployment management to be simple and with a click of a button. Moving from the various environments be it Dev, test, retest and then deploy on production is an activity which is considered to be a full time deployment manager to handle the process set up in an enterprise.

Microsoft has come up with a good Devops solution which will help in rapid application deployment and also adhere to the internal company process. So what do have?

1. Develop: We have Visual Studio Online workstations and TFS (Team foundation server)

2. Build: Visual Studio Online, TFS and Release management for Visual Studio

3. Test: Visual Studio Online, TFS and Release management for Visual Studio, Microsoft Test manager and Microsoft Monitoring Agent

4. Deploy: Microsoft System Center, Release Management Studio, Automation Services, PowerShell, WML, Microsoft Azure, XplatCLI, Azure Resource Management

5. Environments: Production, Pre Production, Integration, Dev and Test

6. Monitor: Microsoft System centre, Visual Studio Online application Insights

DevOps on Microsoft Cloud

With all the tools and resources enterprises need to have a strong process to ensure that the DevOps environment is set up on cloud

The entire process of Devops with continuous improvement to the cycle of Development and Operations can be managed with the powerful set of Microsoft offerings.

It’s important that organizations understand that they need to have a strong Devops process in places and follow the steps which will ensure a tight integration across all the life cycles of project.

The tool sets of Microsoft will provide support to all services offerings on cloud which are as follows

1, Azure Iaas offerings.

2. Azure Paas.

3. Office 365 – SharePoint online developments.

Whether you are writing an applications on .net, java, PHP which can be deployed on the Azure Hosted environment or its Azure Paas the process of integration is to understand the tools which need to use for the same.

There is also interesting development with support for Linux and other technologies as well

With the enormous focus on the agility in the cloud development and operations space the process outlined gives the view on how effective Devops can be on cloud.

You have the many advantages and benefits and few are below

  • Faster development and release cycle
  • Easier Management of  the Increasing number of environments
  • Standardization of process to ensure quality output
  • Cost saving due to quick dev. and release

We can explore more on the Devops and some of the areas which can be looked into is how all these can achieved.  There are good solutions around Dockers, SharePoint Online Tenant isolations, Linux and Azure Devops, Mobile apps development, Big Data enablement, Microsoft partnership with Chef and Puppet labs and more…..

About the Author: Azhar

Azhar Amir is a Microsoft Cloud Architect. Currently Based in London. Azhar is a strategic, focused, and technology oriented leader with 17 years of experience in information technologies. He is a thought leader in the areas of Cloud Computing, Collaboration, migration from legacy technologies, Performance tuning and skilled in establishing productive relationships with partners and customers.


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