Enhancing SharePoint Approvals with Digital Signatures

Microsoft® SharePoint® has enabled organizations around the
world to address the challenges of automating their business
processes. Through SharePoint, these organizations have achieved
more streamlined processes, reduced organizational costs, and
improved collaboration and efficiency. However, the benefits of the
investment in automation are severely reduced when SharePoint is
implemented devoid of a digital signature component – a situation
that drives increased organizational costs and brings business to a
halt. Without digital signatures, the electronic workflow is
disrupted each time a signature approval is needed, and
organizations are forced to waste valuable time and resources on
arbitrary paper-based processes including printing, manually
signing, physically routing, scanning, and archiving documents.

CoSign® digital
integrate seamlessly with Microsoft SharePoint
2007/2010. With CoSign, organizations can maximize the return on
their investment in automation and keep their processes paper-free
through the approval stage. By enabling users to electronically
approve, agree, accept, and audit legally enforceable documents,
List Items, and records, CoSign keeps business moving forward while
eliminating the time-consuming and costly hassle associated with
paper-based approvals. Compliant with regulations worldwide, CoSign
meets the needs of organizations in the most tightly-regulated
industries. Additionally, the digital signature solution works
seamlessly with all major documentation formats, including Adobe®
PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel®, and InfoPath®. Try the free CoSign
signatures for SharePoint
trial and experience the benefits of
paperless approvals in SharePoint.

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