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Eric: All right good afternoon ESPC19 here on the last day of the sessions around 2:30 the afternoon super cool looking out over beautiful Prague and I am happy to be here with Laura. She has been this rock star in the SharePoint dev and provisioning space, and I am so excited to have her here with us today, so Laura please introduce yourself.

Laura: Hi there, my name is Laura Kokkarinen I work as a senior developer at Sulava in Finland and I’m an office development MVP. I was speaking at this conference at two sessions yeah.

Eric: Very cool so what two sessions were you presenting?

Laura: Everything you want to know about SharePoint site designs as a developer and also teams and SharePoint provisioning how to choose the right tools for automation so basically a solution architecture session.

Eric: Very cool now you also were part of the keynote this morning the developer keynote that must be very cool was that your first keynote was that your 20th keynote and how was that experience?

Laura: Yeah it was my first keynote a whopping 10 minutes.

Eric: Congratulations hey that’s cool.

Laura: Yeah, I did two short demos about SharePoint site signs and yeah that’s about it.

Eric: Fun experience for you? You got the whole crowd laughing with you with your great wonderful talks.

Laura: Not, because my jokes are really dry no one else laughs at them except me.

Eric: Laura is a great person her humour is awesome.

Laura: Yeah and people when they laugh at my jokes, I have no idea what was so funny, so those people always need to explain my jokes to me, so I understand what’s so funny.

Eric: Excellent so ESPC here we’re kind of wrapping up the whole experience as a speaker as a keynote or as well what are some of the one or two kind of key points that you’re really hoping that people take away from ESPC when they go back to their home offices and all that?

Laura: Just two?

Eric: OK let’s go with five.

Laura: Well I’m well going to be really practical here again being very me so. Oh, you go away with a camera a friend over there taking pictures. I suppose everyone come here for different reasons of course and the key takeaways can be different everyone.

Eric: Fair enough, fair enough absolutely up so how about for yourself though like what are some of what’s one or two of your big takeaways that you’ve taken away because we’ve heard all their keynotes as well I know some of those you might have known but what are some of the things that you think you’ll be using in your career for your clients for yourself over the next say six months?

Laura: You know I’ve been so busy this week that I haven’t had time to attend any sessions so that does happen I just came here to present I’ll share my knowledge.

Eric: Good okay good. Unfortunately we don’t yet know where ESPC 2020 is but I’m certainly excited to be there I’m assuming yourself looking forward to ESPC 2020?

Laura: Yeah, I would love to present again it’s always a lot of fun I’ve got a lot of good feedback about the two sessions that I did, and the rooms were completely packed and there were people standing as well so I suppose.

Eric: I was fortunate to be able to attend one of your first session and it was standing room only and I basically I got kicked out because well there’s just too many people here so that was really cool the feedback I saw was awesome so yeah it should be great to have you back as well. So what are you is there anything kind of you’re looking forward to maybe seeing Microsoft release over the next twelve months that hopefully we’ll be talking about at ESPC 2020?

Laura: Well at Ignite they announced a lot of new capabilities related to search, you can customize the modern search results page for example and add those scopes for search results and also the result layouts so yeah can’t wait for that stuff to be released it will be out during the first half of next year. Then of course always interested in all kinds of features that are related to provisioning because that’s kind of my corniche at the moment.

Eric: Okay.

Laura: So yeah those are the two things that I’m most looking forward to.

Eric: Yeah there’s some really great announcements coming I’m sure that you’re going to have an absolutely stocked session list just as we did this year. Was there any sessions that that you recall did you ever even have a chance to look at the list was there some sessions you’re really hoping that you were able to get to here because there was probably about a hundred sessions I wish I could have gotten to? I think I got to four and yours was one of them.

Laura: I would have wanted to see Chris O’Brien’s session.

Eric: I got to one his it was really good.

Laura: Yeah, it’s the end of the year there’s just so much stuff to do and also preparing for the keynote and all the other stuff has just kept me so busy that I haven’t had time to attend.

Eric: But it’s fun. Well I really appreciate your time joining us here and I know all of you who are watching us live are gonna be watching recording really looking forward to seeing you next year. Thanks so much for joining us this year Laura I know I’m sure your sessions that I didn’t get to went absolutely well the keynote again super cool so for all you out there if you’re all over looking for a really good dev content you’re gonna be wanting to check out Laura. I have heard from everybody who I’ve introduced Laura to they’re like oh Laura oh I love her blog so how do we find your blog.

Laura: It’s so pretty.

Eric: How do we find your blog?

Laura: It’s basically my name dot com so

Eric: Excellent yeah so take the name from the bottom of the bottom of the screen. If you’re looking at for site designs, provisioning kind of a lot of SharePoint dev and SPF X and imp core committee stuff and all that cool things.

Laura: I’m like an all-around office 365 specialized developer of course that also requires me to know about Azure a little bit.

Eric: Yeah sounds good well again thank you all for joining us thank you again Laura and I’m looking forward to seeing you next year by all.

Laura: Thanks bye.

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