#ESPC18 helps #Microsoft add “extra” to ordinary, giving us all the ability to be “extraordinary”

On the last day of #ESPC18 I afforded myself the pleasure of attending Karuana Gatimu’s session The time for Teams: Scenarios to realize the value of Microsoft Teams“She was joined on stage by Mike Hollinshead and together they delivered an unbelievably powerful session, jampacked with tools and resources to help and grow your competency and assist you to define and execute your roadmap. 

I found it near impossible to make notes of everything shared with us and made a decision to pick the top 3 resources to share with you. Before I do that, I would like to add how impressed I was with the repeated focus put on empowering users, importance of digital literacy and empathy. These are topics I’m seeing more of at conferences, which confirms my belief for years, that these are as important as the technical skills and tools we acquire and share. 

Below you’ll find my top 3 resources to get you started, courtesy of Karuana & Mike. I’ve added some context as well as links to the sites / resources to get you on your way, faster: 

Custom Learning for Office 365 

Custom Learning for Office 365 (formerly Microsoft Training Services) is a digital, customized learning solution that helps customers transform their organizations. Custom Learning for Office 365 delivers training content from a Web-hosted content store to a Web part on the customer’s SharePoint communication site. New, up-to-date content is continually added by Microsoft via a content store solution, and organization admins and end users can create content paths and playlists which are stored locally in SharePoint lists. 

It offers:  

  • Customizable, flexible content 
  • Always up-to-date content 
  • Training for Microsoft Teams 
  • Measurement tools 

Resource:  Here’s some more info and remember to click here to register. 

Office 365 Champions Program 

We have created this program for Office 365 users like you to connect with like-minded people who not only love using our product but also seek new and more efficient ways to tackle their everyday tasks. We want to make sure that you are getting the most out of Office 365 and enable you to help bring more people to your level of passion and knowledge, to work better together. 

This will give you: 

  • Regular email communications (community topics, latest news, tips and resources) 
  • Regular champion-peer networking and sharing 
  • Partnerships with Microsoft at premier events and meetups in your industry 
  • Access to Microsoft subject matter experts and unique Office 365 training and content 

Resource:  Here’s some more info and remember to click here to sign up. 

 Plan, deploy, and run Microsoft Teams 

If you’re the admin for Microsoft Teams in your organization, you’re in the right place. Here you’ll find all the information you need to plan, deploy, and run Teams. 

In docs.microsoft.com you’ll find more than you bargained for. Expecting just the basics to get me started with Planning, I was surprised with how much content I had available to help me in my journey. 

You can also download this content as a handy PDF with a staggering 1184 pages. 

In the Tools for Driving Adoption section, you’ll find many resources of which the “Day in the Life Quicksheets” are my favorites. 


Here’s a sneak preview of the Compliance Officer “Day in the Life Quicksheet”: 


Resource:  Here’s some Welcome to Teams, tools for Driving Adoption and the link to the PDF for download. 

True inspiration at your fingertips. I do believe that these tools will not only help you realize the value of Microsoft Teams, but also help enable your end users to achieve more.

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