ESPC19 Monday Round Up

In today’s end of day panel discussion, live from ESPC19, Christian Buckley, Eric Overfield and Andrew Connell discuss what they recommend, are looking forward to and why it’s important over the next 3 days of the conference.

Video Transcript

Christian: Hey welcome to the day one wrap-up well I guess the pre day wrap-up of ESPC19. This is the European SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure conference coming to you from Prague. My name is Christian Buckley and I’m here with Eric Overfield and Andrew Connell and hey guys how’s it going?

Andrew: Good to see you man.

Eric: Hey good to see y’all.

Christian: So we’re just doing kind of a quick you know wrap-up of the day like what happened today and what you’re looking forward to over the course of the week so I know you did a workshop today Andrew when you talk about kind of your experience and what’s going on?

Andrew: Yeah my day was quite a full day started early this morning where we did a full-day workshop on SharePoint framework Development pretty big crowd pretty I was pretty impressed by the size of the crowd and it was just real a lot of questions had by a lot of the attendees and went through a ton of stuff too. Ran a few minutes over but I mean that’s I’m surprised I actually ran a few minutes over and didn’t go liked it a lot longer than that but yeah that’s a good day it’s a really good day.

Christian: So I know there were a lot of workshops going on and you know Eric you could stop by and saw you know over the course the day quite a few of the sessions kind of what was your take of the day?

Eric: Oh it was an amazing day and for you to go over a few minutes I would have thought maybe a couple days I know that you got more enough material. I am a dev as well and your conference, yeah always great content, yeah so I had a really good time walking into each of the different eleven tutorials and they were all in my opinion amazing they’re all well attended, great mix of topics from the business analysts to the end users to the developers into the azure content as well so very cool. Over a thousand people were here today for the tutorials as well.

Christian: Wow.

Eric: At the lunch time the lunch was great food of course but it was packed so today was a really cool day.

Christian: What’s interesting too so we’re sitting here now this will be our kind of home the hub of the community reporters over the course of the week and so Eric and I will be you know doing quite a few of the interviews and sessions during the week and of course you know I see you’ve got how many other sessions you have this week what’s your week look like?

Andrew: So I’ve got two other sessions I got one on Thursday and one on Friday I have a day off tomorrow which is nice. No wait Wednesday and Thursday yeah I’m flying on Friday that’s gonna be a session of itself but yeah, I have two other sessions this week all SharePoint framework, dev topics related to one on testing and one on doing telemetry and stuff so little edgy kind of things that a lot of people don’t talk about so just some interesting stuff.

Christian: Well it’s interesting for the folks that are here obviously there’s gonna be a lot of great content and sessions going on of course we’re here in the still under construction expo hall you can’t really you know see is we’ll be walking around doing a lot of other videos and some live streams some recorded but we’ve got still construction underway two levels here. I don’t know if you guys have been up exploring the other rest of the area. So just above us and hopefully they won’t throw stuff on us this week is the ask the experts area and so people that are attending you can stop by and they’ll be kind of throughout the day I know that there’s designated times but you know it’s a great time to ask questions. But even people you know that are online if you’ve got burning questions so there are people that are here you know use the hashtag reach out and you’ll be able to hear will be all following the conversation online throughout the week as well and trying to answer questions.

Christian: But we also have the keynotes look at what’s going on what are your thoughts about what’s coming up tomorrow especially?

Eric: Yeah okay so tomorrow morning 9:00 a.m. local of course we all want to be here so Jeff Teper, corporate vice president SharePoint office Yammer stream and One Drive yeah he’s giving the keynote at 9:00 to about I think 10 o’clock it is where we’re gonna get a we expect to get a really good overview of where SharePoint is where the whole ecosystem of a lot of Microsoft 365 is and what the road-map is gonna be outstanding keynote I expect. Right after that there’s sort of like two keynotes that I’m aware of there’s an Azure keynote and then I know that Karuana Gatimu is doing a Teams kind of keynote so some really good content. For me I want to know the roadmap. There is a keynote in the afternoon, Scott Hanselman.

Andrew: The like Microsoft developers come in to do I think he’s some stuff is what he always ends up doing or .net coming forward or something yeah.

Christian: So yeah it’s gonna be a jam-packed day and it’s gonna be a long day we’re also we have somebody’s gonna interview and one of the reporters is going to be interviewing Scott at the end of the day as well and then we’ll do a wrap-up at the end of each of the days for the rest of the week as well so.

Andrew: Very cool.

Christian: Anything else you guys looking forward to during the week?

Eric: Oh gosh I’ve got a lot so I know that Vesa has given another Keynote on the dev side Wednesday or Thursday I will find out the day before to tell you all as well Thursday sounds about right. So I’m really excited about that just in general all the contents around where SharePoint is going I want to see all these announcements that just going to talk about and then to see how the actual material will the different sessions will be able to integrate that material to find out how to actually use some of these new cool things that are coming. Excited about that. I’m doing a session tomorrow on modern versus classic SharePoint to me that’s a fun topic that I get all the time so I’m excited to be able to present that. Gosh so much more oh the expo hall itself yeah two floors of this always speaking to the vendors is always a useful thing for me to find out how to be able to help organizations I work with I think that a lot of you will find the same thing by walking the expo hall.

Andrew: You just you covered like everything that I was looking forward to the expo floor ask the experts is always good because you get to interact with attendees you have a chance to ask questions and they’ve done that I’m doing that yeah I’m doing it for Azure DevOps not SharePoint dev.

Eric: Im doing it for Patterson practices oh cool.

Christian: Well I’ll be no I’m actually helping down in this area most of the time but I’m sure I’ll be up there at some point like I did last year filling in spots talking about SharePoint talking about teams know things well that’s why I think that the expanded name makes sense ESPC 19 the hashtag of course but it’s the SharePoint office 365 and Azure conference so I think we’re gonna see that more than this is the eighth ESPC event now I’ve been to…

Andrew: How many have you been to?

Christian: I’ve been to all of them so starting back it kicked off and it was at 2011 that were in Berlin I think was the first one and so it’s great to be back but – you definitely see a progression of the inclusion of these other products and workloads and so can follow your questions being answered and what’s great about an event like this with all the announcements that Microsoft has had this fall as you’re starting to see the experts, the MVPs and regional directors that are sharing hey here’s what we’re actually seeing with deployment of these technologies here are the questions that we’ve been saying so we’re actually starting to see some of the first sessions that are looking at the latest releases and an actual experience of here’s what we’re seeing real-world examples of them. So that’s always exciting so now.

Andrew: Very cool yeah you say that you guys have done this for a lot longer than I though I’m the sophomore in the group, so this is my second ESPC.

Christian: Well excellent well that’s all we have any other parting comments here?

Eric: I had two other fun things that I think are important they’re still related here one is general networking I think these are always important why do we go to these conferences because a lot of this content we might be able to find here or there somewhere but in one place to be able to get it and to be able to go up and talk to Andrew let’s say and say hey I’ve got this question to be able to interact directly with a lot of these experts is super cool. The second one we’re in Prague. I’m excited to be in Prague let’s going out going out going out at night and checking out the experience the city and all that I want to see that the castle the bridge the downtown the Old Town the Christmas markets there’s some really cool stuff to see so yeah thank you all for joining us.

Christian: Doing that today my feet we’re already hurt but you know it’ll it’s that’s not a good sign though to start to start the conference your feet are already hurting but you know we did that walking on cobblestones yeah walking around.

Andrew: The feet’s good, back not good yeah back still feeling the plane.

Christian: It was great again if you have any questions please participate online ESPC19 the hashtag and we hope to hear from you. Alright thanks a lot.

Andrew: Thanks guys.  

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