[ESPC19 Session] Microsoft Teams Architecture Deep Dive

In this session we will do a deep dive into how Microsoft Teams has been architected and how Microsoft is using existing Office 365 and Azure technology to make Teams scalable, performant and manageable. I will cover the logical architecture of Teams, where conversations, images, files, voicemails and recordings are stored, and what connections Teams has with other Microsoft products and services outside the Microsoft perimeter. Also, I will talk about the compliancy and security features of Teams. And last, but not least, I’ll demonstrate how you can leverage the power of Teams through the Microsoft Graph. 

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. The architecture of Microsoft Teams and what connections Teams has with other products and services, both Microsoft and non-Microsoft 
  2. How to manage Microsoft Teams and how to leverage its compliance features 
  3. Using the Microsoft Graph to integrate Teams with your own application 
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