ESPC19 Team Packages

ESPC19 Team Packages

Why Bring Your Team to ESPC19

1. Book as a team and make substantial savings

Buy 5 or 10 four-day tickets to ESPC19 and get tickets free, saving you up to 20%.

2. 150+ hours of cutting edge learning

Save on staff training costs. ESPC19 will include 150+ hours of training and knowledge from 100+ of the world’s leading experts on SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure across keynote presentations, sessions, panels, labs and tutorials. There will be 10 full day tutorials to choose from on Monday 2nd of December with some of the biggest names in the world of SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure. Receive 1 years’ worth of training for your team in under 1 week at ESPC19.

3. Cross functional team learning

With different track sessions and technical levels, there’s sure to be a variety of appropriate sessions for different members of your team to assist their understanding of the SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure world. The programme has been selected to offer a range of cutting edge topics.

4. Community – Connections and social interaction

Networking opportunities and collaboration are at the core of ESPC19. With 100+ of the world’s leading experts and 2,000+ delegates from 50+ countries gathering in Prague – this is your one opportunity to connect with a truly unique and international audience. Discuss new concepts and emerging trends with your peers in this unique setting. Have fun!

5. Find the product, service or partner you require

Ensure your team are up-to-speed with all the latest cutting-edge demos, tools, products and services. ESPC18 included the largest SharePoint and Office 365 Expo in Europe with 80 leading exhibitors – this is the one SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure event in Europe you don’t want to miss out on.

6. Revitalise and revolutionise your company

Revitalise and revolutionise your company’s thought process and give your team the learning experience of a life time. Your team will leave ESPC19 full of insight, tips, advice and full of energy for new challenges. The mix of focused learning and social activities across ESPC creates both a fantastic shared learning and team building opportunity.

7. Cover more ground and maximise the return on your investment

Book your team to attend ESPC19 and bring back four, five or six times more knowledge and skills to share throughout your organisation. Have team members attend different sessions and share their learning to maximise your returns.

 Group of 5

 Group of 10

5 Tickets for the Price of 410 Tickets for the Price of 8
Personalised booking processPersonalised booking process
Fast Track registrationFast Track registration

To book your team contact or call +353 91 514498

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