ESPC19 – Thursday Round Up

That’s a wrap! Check out Thursday’s ESPC19 Round Up with RD’s and MVP’s, Christian Buckley and Eric Overfield above.

Thanks to all ESPC19 Community Reporters.

Video Transcript

Christian: We’re here at the end we’ve got the deconstruction happening here at ESPC19.

Eric: Yes hello this is great.

Christian: Does it feel like the end to you the end of the event?

Eric: Absolutely, it has been an absolutely wonderful week I’ve been here all the way since Monday morning and got to go through a lot of the tutorials got a really help promote what was going on there. I saw the keynotes got to be to all of the different sessions that we had and it has been wonderful.

Christian: It was great so today I mean we kick things off with all the final day the keynote so we had Vesa talking yeah we had Jeremy Thake talking and Mike Ammerlaan here and a few others yeah it was great to go through on some of the dev topics and of course I had my panel on Microsoft Teams. Sweet! So, it’s a we’re talking about it’s funny when you do a lot of these kinds of events about how the body knows like when your commitments are done. Like I’m done speaking I don’t need to interview anyone.

Eric: True yes.

Christian: We’ve done 32 different live streams this year that is outstanding and there have been other recordings other interviews beyond that as well so I yeah, we’re so I think like this system is just shutting down now.

Eric: I love it well we’ve interviewed Tracy who organized this whole thing right we’ve interviewed all of the keynote speakers I believe or most of them and a whole bunch more other community influencers and MVPs over 32 outstanding reporting.

Christian: All that content of course you can find out on the ESPC YouTube site and you’re gonna see it through the blog I think in the coming weeks. Something that you’ll hear from us so certainly Eric and I we’ve both done number of blog post so we’re gonna be writing about the content and sharing out re-sharing some of the sessions that were shared over the course this week. Some of the videos some of the interviews that were done will kind of expand on those and other content so be watching that from the community reporters certainly it’s not done.

Eric: Yeah absolutely, so what’s been one of your big two highlights one or two highlights that you’ve really enjoyed this last week.

Christian: Well for me as I spent so much time in the booth here, I mean some of the interviews that that we’ve done. So I had a great conversation actually it was a week ago so a week and a half ago with Jeff Teper yeah so talking again of course we had the conversation before the video and talking about project cortex talking about a lot of kind of the feedback since Ignite and leading into ESPC so that’s always a highlight it seems like I’m talking to Jeff you know in this unofficial capacity with ESPC each year so that was a definitely a highlight how about you?

Eric: Too many so I’ll try to keep it short of course the content general outstandingly good but say it’s a highlight it is really though all the news and announcements this is a great place to get all those news and announcements for the year this is a really important thing it’s all online blogs here in there but to hear it direct for Microsoft but we can then go and ask questions super cool I love Prague.

Christian: It is a beautiful city.

Eric: Our beautiful backdrop behind us as the sun is setting here in Prague the sun is setting here on the conference it’s kind of good metaphor really enjoyed that as well and just the event in general how its put together it is a professionally run organization I’m not paid to say that a great group to work with and it’s just well put together.

Christian: You know one thing I have to point out one of the benefits of having the timing of this event after Ignite yeah and there’s always some things that are relatively new because in the with the in the world of the you know cloud releases in this evergreen process there’s always something that’s new that’s being shared but we also have the benefit of the all of things that went GA and around ignite we’ve had a little time to consume those things to go and follow up with some of those announcements and keynotes and really start to get our hands and the technology and you saw that in some of the sessions here as well and some of the updates so people are starting to have real world experience and with these latest releases so that’s really important about this event as well.

ESPC call for speakers 2024
Eric: Oh yeah, I also really loved the ask the experts area I did got to participate I believe you did well as well.

Christian: I monitored I jumped in some conversations, but I wasn’t manning it.

Eric: But it was just exciting to see anytime that the experts were up that people were actively engaging so here you can go get those questions answered that’s such a big deal where you’ve got a very specific topic you were looking for someone to help with and most every expert that was there an MVP or Microsoft employee if they didn’t know the answer they knew who to go talk to and that’s really a cool thing.

Christian: Well that’s an important thing about the community aspect of an event like this as well is that if you have. So some people are afraid to raise their hand and ask a question which is understandable. Which is why having that it’s I keep pointing up because the ask the experts was right above us here. But, because it’s just yet another opportunity where people could stop by little less formal than a session and ask that question. But it also say if you had a session that you went and attended even if there’s one that you missed but you have questions reach out to the speakers you know just down the line we’re all very approachable. And so, if you have a question as Eric said if we don’t know the answer we know somebody who does know the answer and will point you towards them.

Eric: I was walking through the expert’s booth and I got pulled into two conversations and I’m always happy to help and every speaker I know they’re the same way. They’re absolutely happy to do everything they can to help find the right answer for you.

Christian: Right all right so what are you doing next what’s up for you? I mean here the next 24-48 hours.

Eric: I’m excited I mean so it’s only Thursday now so I’m not leaving till Sunday, so I got a couple beautiful days in Prague my wife, my son, my mother-in-law are all showing up here shortly so that’s super exciting. I get a tour around and then back to the States there’s another conference in Chicago actually gonna be doing that before I wrap up my year how about yourself?

Christian: Well I so I fly out on Saturday so also gonna be wandering the city aimlessly and you know just having some fun with some of the other speakers that are sticking around for another day or two and then I head to London for a few days and then I’m home and I’m done for the year so not heading to that other event in Chicago but I’ll be online of course and I’ll do one plug for those it’s okay right Shane says it’s okay but I also and I know that you’ll be participating as you do every years we have the end-of-year tweet jam the collab talk Tweet Jam where it’s looking at all of the announcements over the course of 2019 and kind of our predictions for 2020 so that’s always a lot of fun it’s the biggest tweet Jam of the year and you can find that on Twitter on #collabtalk happening on December 30th.

Eric: That’s a perfect it really is a great venue where we talk about these different topics I do love that year and wrap up all on Twitter so really easy to consume and it’s there in perpetuity so you can just search the next day if you need to and just do a Twitter search on the hashtag collab talk you’ll see the whole conversation.

Christian: And hopefully by then we’ll know where the next ESPC will be ESPC 2020.

Eric: Yeah I’m excited to find out every year I always try to like you know get a little hint from them and they are tight-lipped it’s impressive doesn’t matter how much that you think they might like you no.

Christian: Get no love from Shane over there, yeah, nothing.

Eric: My vote is for Lisbon I’m no one’s told me anything I just did that and I got a laugh so we’ll see if that’s gonna happen I just would love to go somewhere south I have enjoyed Prague for sure and I every year they’ve always picked really good destinations it’s actually a good time of year because of how Ignite works the content is again always so stellar it doesn’t really matter to me as long as they put it on as long as they get the content there and the keynote speakers there which they will I’m gonna be here every I’ll do everything I can to ensure I’m here.

Christian: This is the same and I like you I mean we’ve been we’ve had the event like Barcelona where was nice and warm we’ve been to where like Stockholm it where it was snowing during the event so it was beautiful and so yeah I’m looking forward to finding out where the next one is but until then I guess we’re wrap.

Eric: Alright thank you all for joining us.

Christian: Thanks for watching.  

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