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Hi, I’m Jeff Willinger reporting hey I am Jeff Willinger and I am super excited to be here at ESPC ESPC19 the European SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure Conference. This is our wrap-up show today and I am very excited to be joined by two of my colleagues Lisa and Erica. Hi I’m Lisa Rasmussen. Hey Erica Toelle office apps and services MVP.

Yeah so, we are gonna do a wrap-up and I can tell that I had two days packed with sessions. It has been really awesome and I feeling quite tired now but I would like to promote the lunch I went to today the women in tech lunch hosted by Miri Rodriguez and she had like a fantastic story telling how she came from Venezuela to the US and how that whole experience was and hearing her story obviously she’s a storyteller so she’s amazing at that but I was amazed by that lunch and they were served some lunch in a glass of wine and while she was telling her story so that was really interesting to hear. What was your favorite part of her story? I think the one where you own the story you own yourself and we should use that to our advantage our story our background and we should target what audience we want to tell the story to and really emphasize on that and use the channels we can to get to build your digital brand. That’s great.

A highlight for me today was the ask the experts booth that’s something I think is really special about this conference right you get to go to the sessions and hear the general advice from the speakers but then you can go to the ask the experts booths and get information about your specific situation. That’s cool that’s the one that’s was upstairs were you one of the experts? Yeah, I was standing at the Compliance booth but yes in addition to the office 365 questions there is also a lot of interest in project cortex yes and then of course some of the announcements around SharePoint and content management as well.

You know I was also at the Women in Technology luncheon as well and I think what impressed me most about Miri was you know not riches but really she came from nothing she’s not from I was gonna say this country she’s not from the United States and how she you know was really you know she didn’t have a great experience growing up and then she really turned that into a positive.

Okay cool so I would like to talk a bit more about the sessions I’ve been to today and this morning I was a bit tired but then I went into Vlad’s session of course about Power Shell. So when I went in there was a little bit like that and then he just puts up my energy totally so I thought it was a great session and he was showing us a sure Azure AD commandlets and you know SharePoint commandlets and Teams commandlets where you can like find the private sites and all that stuff so really interesting session and a big fan of Vlad and PowerShell.

So one of my favorite sessions I’m very interested to hear what the future of work is going to be like and hear from some of the experts that are here and I’m also interested in hearing migration strategies as people what they’re doing as they’re going from whether it’s classic SharePoint to modern whether they’re going from on-prem to in the cloud and just figuring out what do I need to know when it comes to migration and I look at it as sort of if you’re moving houses you take inventory you know what do I need to bring with me what can I leave behind if you’re a pack rat like me you sort of bring way too much as many people could attest to. But having that strategy in place and once we get there what are we going to do.

Yeah and the amazing session I went through by Bert Jansen when he showed how to modernize when you have moved those classic sites of course into the online and that you can go and download this modernizing scanner tool and that will bring you, analyse your online classic sites and see what needs to be modernized and then also it’s bringing the tools for you to like modernize pages and all that stuff so really interesting session and we are definitely going to use this next year because we’re moving from an 2019 on Prem server to online and then those tools would be very handy so I loved his session it was really very interesting stuff coming out there so yep. Great yeah did you happen to catch one of Sue Hanley’s sessions? Of course of course I just came out of there and now it was about navigation and you might think can you really talk about this for an hour and then you can talk of many hours about that and she is so organized I love the way she’s thinking and regarding websites mega menus how you organize them and that it’s important to use labels that people understand in the menus so a really useful session there too so yeah I just came out of it.

I can’t say enough great things about Sue, Sue really turned me on to I went to her session on governance and to me she is the queen of governance it’s one of those things sort of like navigation are we really going to talk for an hour about this because it’s not like the sexy hot you know modern but without governance it’s sort of like the wild-wild west and Sue like you just said is terrific at really organizing her thoughts unlike me I could learn I do learn a lot from her and I thought she’s just a terrific presenter.

Yeah, they’re actually gonna do a special repeat of her governance session tomorrow morning there was such a demand for it so be sure to check that out if you didn’t get a chance to see it the first time. Hopefully not at 9:00 a.m. during my session. Is it at 9:00? Do you know? Oh no there was one session right after me that was cancelled maybe it’s gonna fill in there but yeah check out Sue’s great. I mean that’s all I’ve got this conference I know Eric and I travel a lot to a lot of different conferences and if from my standpoint this conference is by far one of the absolute best conferences I’ve ever attended. The folks from the European SharePoint Office 365 Azure staff have been very generous and very with their time and with their care and consideration of all the speakers and you know I hope I get invited back next year.

What do you think has been the biggest boom this conference? The announcement of project cortex for me because I am in enterprise content management and content services geek. You know and I think it’s exciting that we’re finally seeing some of the practical applications of AI in our office 365 and Microsoft ecosystem. You see metadata too tied without end users doing anything. Exactly and I saw in Adams session about project cortex with some real examples on how to how this will be used, and I mean it’s subject to change of course but this is really exciting I think we’ve. I think that with each one of these conferences starting with it now well starting with Inspire followed by Ignite I think that each one so for example an Adam session on project cortex they showed a little bit more like that I had not seen that even being an MVP I still hadn’t seen it or maybe I missed it. So, I think that with each one of these conferences they’re rolling out more what I personally am most excited about and they didn’t really talk about it a lot was the new Yammer. Oh yeah you know we’ve seen it but we really didn’t no one really talked about it I don’t even think there was a session on Yammer and normally at these types of conferences I mean I love to talk about Yammer but you know but I don’t I have an idea what the new Yammer is going to look like and I have an idea of what it’s cool you know the problem that it’s going to solve but I want more. Probably that will get us to go to whatever the conferences are coming up in the spring oh and they are bringing yeah. Cause you need to have something to look forward to. So, what are you looking forward to seeing tomorrow? Besides Jeff session of course of course. Oh, Vesa at 9:00 right after the party cause right now I just have the party in my head but yeah Vesa is on at 9. He’s a terrific speaker just a lovely buddy of mine he’s going at 9:00 and I actually am doing one with Christian right after that and then right after that I am on me ask the experts I literally have only been reporting and then tomorrow I’ve got back to back to back and then I head for the airport back to LA. And it’s a lot of SharePoint it’s a lot to my heart so I love this. Same-same. Party time? So, on behalf of Erika and Lise this is Jeff Willinger signing off from this amazing exhibition floor from ESPC19 have a great day thank you.  

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