ESPC21 Online Sponsor Terms and Conditions

Sponsors will be invoiced upon receipt of a completed booking form. All applicable fees are due within 14 days of invoicing. Provision of sponsor benefits will not be guaranteed until full payment is received. 

For the purposes of these terms and conditions ‘event’ may refer to ESPC21 Online, ESPC21 Online Tutorials, ESPC 2021 Content Weeks, or the ESPC 2021 Masterclass Series.


The Sponsor may cancel the contract prior to the event only by giving written notice to ESPC, according to the cancellation terms described below. 

Cancellation up to 40 days from invoice date will result in forfeiture of 50% of the participation fee. Cancellation after 40 days of invoice date will result in forfeiture of 100% of the participation fee. 

In all cases: 

ESPC reserves the right to determine whether a prospective sponsor is eligible to participate in the event. Eligibility is generally limited to persons or firms who supply relevant products and services to the ESPC community. Applicants who have not previously sponsored or exhibited at an ESPC event may be required to submit a description of the nature of their business and the items to be exhibited.  

ESPC reserves the right to restrict or prohibit – without refund of fees – any exhibit content or materials which ESPC, in its sole discretion, believes is objectionable or inappropriate. No sponsor participant shall assign (whether voluntarily or involuntarily), sublet or share the assigned exhibit space with any other entity without the prior written consent of ESPC, which may be arbitrarily withheld.  

Whilst ESPC accept liability that may arise as a result of any willful default or negligence of their own employees, they do not accept any liability whatsoever arising from any acts of default of independent organisations, their employees or agents over whom ESPC, have no control. ESPC, are unable to accept responsibility for any aspect of the arrangements relating to the event affected by matters over which they have no control including war, or threat of war, riots and civil strife terrorist activity, natural disaster, weather conditions, fire, flood, drought, technical, mechanical or electrical breakdown.  

Sponsors who do not utilise the full extent of their package benefits will not be relieved of the obligation of paying the full price of their sponsorship package. 

Sponsors are reminded that all interactions and gathering of attendee data made, including via live chat and video facilities where available must be GDPR compliant. 

All sponsor staff agree to comply by the ESPC Code of Conduct. 

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