Essential PowerShell for Office 365: CH3 Managing SharePoint Online

Download the exclusive chapter from the new book Essential PowerShell for Office 365 by Vlad Catrinescu. In this chapter, we will first learn how to use PowerShell to connect to SharePoint Online. We will then learn how to create and manage SharePoint sites and users using the SharePoint PowerShell cmdlets provided to us by Microsoft. Furthermore, we will look at open source SharePoint/Office 365 Dev PnP PowerShell cmdlets that have been created by the community, what gaps those cmdlets fill in your day-to-day life and how you can use those cmdlets to make your SharePoint Online admin life easier. Lastly, we will look at some interesting automation scenarios and examples of how you can automate with PowerShell for SharePoint Online.

This chapter will cover:

  • Connecting to SharePoint Online
  • Executing PowerShell cmdlets in SharePoint Online
  • Community Extensions
  • Automation Scenarios

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The book excerpt is reprinted by permission of Apress, a Springer Nature company.

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