European SharePoint Training Week

SharePoint Training Week

European SharePoint Training Week from the 25 – 28 of November will bring together some of the best speakers and trainers from around the world direct to your computer for FREE! With four days of live interactive webinars, educational eBooks, a wide range of unique blogs covering all SharePoint topics, don’t miss this one-off chance to hear the latest cutting edge content on SharePoint 2013 and chat online with these global thought leaders.

Monday, 25th Nov

Agnes MolnarTitle:
 Real World Challenges in Enterprise Search

Speaker: Agnes Molnar, MVP, Independent Consultant, Hungary

You Will Learn: About real world use cases and challenges, solutions, and best practices; the audience’s challenges and potential solutions and implementation Best Practices will be discussed.

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Alan RichardsTitle: Installing SharePoint 2013 – Step by Step

Speaker: Alan Richards, MVP, Foundation SP, UK

You Will Learn:   About service accounts for SharePoint 2013; how to install SharePoint 2013 using best practices for lowest privilege installations and about the installation of workflow server & office web apps and how they interact with SharePoint 2013.

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Tuesday, 26th Nov

David _Martos _HQTitle: Introduction to the SharePoint 2013 Social Capabilities

Speaker: David Martos, MVP, Beezy, Spain

You Will Learn: About new SharePoint social features; understand how to use them to      improve adoption and understand SharePoint limitations and how to work around them.

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Liam CLearyTitle: SharePoint Authentication and Authorization

Speaker: Liam Cleary, MVP, Protiviti, USA

You Will: Understand base authentication options; select an authentication mechanism  based on pros and cons of each and understand the difference between authentication and  authorization

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Wednesday, 27th Nov

Mike FitzmauriceTitle: Title to be confirmed

Speaker: Mike Fitzmaurice, Nintex, USA

What You Will Learn:

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Michael NoelTitle: Infrastructure Best Practices for SharePoint On-Premises

Speaker: Michael Noel, CCO, USA

You Will : Learn simple tricks which can be used to greatly improve SharePoint performance in an On-Premises environment; understand how to protect your internal Intellectual Property with some quick and easy tools available for SharePoint and examine how to architect On-Premises and Hybrid environments for performance and high availability.

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Thursday, 28th Nov

Symon Garfield _ProfileTitle: Knowledge Is Power: The Rise of The Social Business

Speaker: Symon Garfield, Wipro Technologies, United Kingdom

You Will:   Understand what “social business” really is and understand how to deliver  business value from investments in social business

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On Thursday 28th Nov, we will have a range of superb eBooks and insightful blogs by some of the leading experts in the SharePoint industry. Contributors include; Edin Kapic, Asif Rehmani, André Vala, Jeff Fried, Wouter van Vugt, Thorbjørn Værp, Geoff Evelyn, Bill Ayers, Eric Riz, Christian Buckley, Paolo Pialorsi, Mikael Svenson, Abi Onifade and Oliver Wirkus.

Don’t Miss European SharePoint Training Week, 25-28 November!

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