3 Real World Azure PaaS Cases: From a Startup App to an API Platform

There’s a lot of information about Azure, but what does a real-life solution look like built on top of Azure PaaS anyway? Are you curious about what kind of solutions are built on Azure?

Our cases represent a startup’s attempt to conquer the world with their SaaS application, a medium-sized organization’s (>100 million euro revenue) application modernization approach and a multinational manufacturing company’s API Platform.

This talk explores these three differing cases running on Azure PaaS. We’ll look at organizations, reasons, and technical architecture. The talk is aimed at beginners and intermediate experts at Azure.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. See and understand real-world Azure PaaS architectures
  2. Hear about three different approaches and organizations in a single talk
  3. Learn about solution highlights related to AI, monitoring, feature slicing, and more
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