3 Real World Scenarios Where Bots Can Improve Your Customer Processes

In this session we will highlight three real world scenarios where bots can improve your customer experience:
1) Using a chatbot to automate parts of your order workflow in Dynamics 365
2) Using a chatbot for self-service scenarios for your Office 365 portal
3) Using existing FAQs to jumpstart a chatbot based Knowledge management solution
In this session we will cover:
– Types of Chatbots and when to use features / services provided by the bot Framework and Azure
– How to leverage business data (CRM, Knowledge Base, Service) in your bot conversation
– Endpoints for Users: Omnichannel (Facebook Messenger, Skype etc.)
– Things that worked well and others that didn’t

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. See 3 real world scenarios of bots in action
  2. Learn how to integrate bots into your existing system landscape
  3. Learn what worked well and what did not
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