8 Practical Ways to Replicate Your In-Office Environment with Microsoft 365

Compassion and empathy are the essential ingredients to creating a positive work environment, and this is needed more than ever as many of us are navigating a new ‘remote’ lifestyle. This empathy and compassion can and should follow us into the digital world as we all do our best to continue to foster team and client relationships, keep our projects moving forward, and handle our daily tasks. Many of us long for those refreshing conversations over the watercooler, brainstorm sessions on the whiteboard, and dropping a great new idea in the suggestion box. Microsoft 365 is constantly innovating, bringing us new tools and features to foster the in-office feel to the virtual one.

You’ll walk away with 8 practical ways a real organization brings the IRL experience digitally using Microsoft 365 tools.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. 8 practical ways to use Microsoft 365 to foster remote work
  2. Approaches to replacing whiteboards, brainstorming sessions, and suggestion boxes
  3. Real life use cases and case studies
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