9 Conversation Starters for Microsoft Viva

Are you wrapping your head around Microsoft Viva?

Join this session with MVPs Ståle Hansen and Lesley Crook and learn their unique practical approach to the scenarios Viva solves. In addition, they have found 9 conversation starters with practical Viva examples that you can get back to your team.

Do you struggle to get your team excited about Microsoft Viva? MVP & RD, Ståle Hansen has found the practical approach to the scenarios where Viva is most valuable. “It’s a tool we can use to achieve goals, but we need to know what those goals are” he comments.

These 9 conversation starters help put Viva in context.

  1. Empathic leadership in the 2020s
  2. Adoption vNext, are you missing out?
  3. Get on top of skilling
  4. The hybrid paradox
  5. The great reshuffle
  6. Are you reserving time for deep work and learning to avoid burnout?
  7. Do you practice Digital Wellbeing to avoid burnout?
  8. I want my team to stay on target
  9. I want to engage my Frontline Workers

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  • Learn how to start the Viva conversation
  • Identify scenarios in your organization where Viva can be used
  • Understand when to use which Viva module and where it best fits in your organization
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