Go Fully Digital and Accelerate your Business Processes with Electronic Signature

Getting your business moving forward is a key factor to stay ahead of competition. More and more companies are concerned by their signature management processes, and try to figure out how to eliminate slow, cumbersome, and expensive processes of manually gathering signatures. Join us and find out how to build end-to-end online processes with electronic signature to complete approvals, agreements, and transactions faster while improving your ROI. Discover how to automate and streamline all of your business-critical workflows and save time and money while staying secure and compliant with DocuSign for SharePoint 2013 and/or SharePoint online.

Learn how DocuSign’s customers use DocuSign to specify signing workflow and route documents to the right people in the right order and how DocuSign’s pre-built integrations or APIs can be used to connect to the systems you already use. DocuSign integrates with existing websites, portals, and applications such as SharePoint, Office 365, Microsoft Outlook and Dynamics CRM. No more paper, fully automated processes, legal signatures and delighted customers, CFOs and CEOs.

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