Accelerate SharePoint Success: How to Best Plan, Manage and Control Migration Projects

In the last 15 years, Microsoft SharePoint has greatly shifted the paradigm in enterprise collaboration and information management. Organizations today continue to invest in this business enablement platform and many are in the process of upgrading and migrating to the next generation version of SharePoint on-premises, cloud and even hybrid environment. In an AIIM study, lack of planning is a key contributor to SharePoint deployment failure. To deliver  successful SharePoint migration projects, having an effective project management strategy and technical approach is paramount. Executive support, proper planning, realistic project team and appropriately managing expectations are crucial to ensure SharePoint migration success.

How can you ensure that your SharePoint upgrade and migration project is a success? Join AvePoint Public Sector CTO Dux Raymond Sy, Microsoft Regional Director and MVP, in this interactive workshop as he shares practical guidance on how to best plan, manage and control SharePoint migration projects.

The primary audience for this class are IT executives, project managers, analysts, consultants who wish to successfully plan, manage and control SharePoint upgrade and migration projects.  This session applies to organizations upgrading and migrating to SharePoint 2013, Office 365 SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2016. Participants will get presentation notes, checklists, and project templates.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. Initiate executive excitement, promote organizational buy-in and foster sustainable adoption for your SharePoint migration project
  2. Develop an effective and practical project management process for your SharePoint upgrade and migration project
  3. Apply relevant strategies in mapping business needs to identify SharePoint features and capabilities in your new environment
  4. Ensure your information architecture, infrastructure design and data governance strategy meets business needs
  5. Employ the 5 step technical approach to your SharePoint migration


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