Adopting Hub Sites and a New Way of Organizing SharePoint in Office 365

After having moved to Office 365, you already benefit from a new experience and new features. But quickly can find yourself confused over how it all plays together. You’ve brought everything as it was from years of working a certain way in file shares and SharePoint On-Premises. Well, there is another migration. The second great migration. One where you will need to change how your existing structure works to better adapt to the new ways of working Office 365 provides.

In SharePoint, it’s about being flat and adopting Hub sites, leveraging team news that roll up to your department portal and more.

In this session, you’ll learn the concrete steps to help you set up a plan that will adopt this new structure and migrate to it. All to help you benefit from the full potential that the cloud provides.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  • Steps you can use to go from top down to flat within your organisation
  • Leveraging your teams to increase communication within a department
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