Agrii’s Microsoft Viva Journey

Agrii provides intelligence and data to 20,000 British farmers, representing some 40% of UK agricultural output. Agrii provide agronomy services, technology, and strategic advice to farmers in the UK.

In spring 2021, Agrii, required a new employee experience platform that would promote their values through powerful internal branding and support employee wellbeing and productivity. The solution needed to leverage SharePoint Modern and Microsoft Teams and introduce the latest innovations, such as Viva Connections, to a diverse, hybrid workforce.

Today, Agrii have successfully delivered their digital workplace, including Viva Connections, to their head office staff and frontline workers, that include agronomists who require information from Microsoft 365, even when they are in a field.

In this session we will hear from Derek Wilson, CIO at Agrii and Andreea Ailenei, Programme Manager at Agrii. Wes Hackett (9 time Microsoft MVP) and Suzy Dean (5 time Microsoft MVP) from their Microsoft Charter Partner, AddIn365, will also take to the stage.

We will explore:

  • How Agrii planned their digital workplace, to make best use of their content and Microsoft capabilities
  • How the Agrii digital workplace looks, feels – and works!
  • How the Viva Connections deployment was planned to ensure maximum content relevant for the diverse Agrii workforce
  • The Agrii Viva Connections Dashboard experience; what has been delivered to their employee audiences and why

Benefits of this session

  • Hear Agrii’s digital employee experience design and delivery journey, from planning to delivery for their Viva and SharePoint Modern, Yammer and Teams based digital workplace.
  • Hear how Agrii have used Viva Connections and the Viva Connections Dashboard to deliver a personalised, mobile-first, experience to their first line workers.
  • Learn some tips and tricks for ensuring your digital workplace project runs to time and budget.
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