AI in the Battle Against Fakes

Counterfeited products are a growing problem. As well as impacting the revenue of a company, they hurt brand reputation and customer confidence. Our company was asked to create a solution for a global Electronics brand that can identify fake products by just taking one picture on your smartphone.

In this session we zoom into the building blocks that make this AI solution work. We’ll find out that there is much more to it than just training a convolutional neural network. We look at challenges like: how do you manage and monitor the AI, how do you build and improve the AI model in such a way it fits your DevOps production chain.
Interested in this technological journey?

Learn how we used Azure Functions, Cosmos DB and Docker to build a solid foundation; Azure Machine Learning Service to train the neural networks. And Azure DevOps to control, build and deploy this state-of-art solution.

AI used to be in the realm of scientists in white lab coats. Now any smart developer can integrate this exciting technology into their next project. Join us to find out how.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. A real-world AI case
  2. AI from a developer perspective
  3. An AI project is more than machine learning
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