Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionise SharePoint-based Collaboration and Compliance – Are You Ready?

Research shows that ¾ of workers have at least 5 business apps open at any one time. It’s a wonder we can get work done at all.  In this session, co-founder and VP Product Strategy, David Lavenda, shares his professional and academic insights on how artificial intelligence will revolutionise the way people work with SharePoint and Office 365, by enabling them to overcome information overload by focusing on topics rather than on individual emails, documents, and app notifications. Learn why ‘Topic Computing’ is the next ‘big idea’ for workplace productivity.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Understand the root causes and solutions for information overload in the new Digital Workplace
  2. Discover how new Microsoft tools are part of the problem AND the solution
  3. Learn how Topic Computing is a pragmatic way to extract productivity from Office 365
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