Assuring the Code Quality of SharePoint Solutions and Apps

SharePoint development and fun do not always have much in common! Everyone who has ever developed for SharePoint might know what I mean. Even a small SharePoint solution or app consists already of a large number of different files (xml, dll, js, css, resx, jpg, aspx, etc.), which may be implemented and structured differently in every project. Especially with the shift of the development approach to the new App model, SharePoint veterans but also rookies find themselves confronted with many new technologies, frameworks, and coding practices. As a result the quality and maintainability of SharePoint solutions and apps differs very much depending on the experience and preferences of the individual developers.

In this session I will:

– Explain the challenges in SharePoint development
– Show the possibilities how to standardize the development approach in the team and
– Automatically assure these policies and practices to increase the overall code quality

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