Automated UI Test for SharePoint Solutions

Testing applications from a UI perspective can be labour intensive, if you need to do it manually on a regular basis. The testing can be necessary during the development phase, but also after the app has been released/rolled-out. SharePoint Online is in constant change. Imagine you have created a SharePoint Framework app and a lot of people have installed it and are using it. How can you make sure that overtime the users don’t let you know that something has broken, but you can proactively detect and fix issues, resulting from changes in SharePoint.

This session will show you a possibility to automate the testing of your application from a user interface perspective. Ideally, the test automation is part of a CI/CD process, possibly on a nightly basis. If any issues arise, they are flagged immediately. These test automations can be applied during the development of the application and for making sure you detect issues after the application has gone to production and external factors have an impact on your application. At the end, the session will also give you tips and tricks on how you can reduce the risk of your application breaking over time.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  • SharePoint Framework UI Testing
  • CI/CD for SharePoint Framework apps
  • UI Test Automation
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