Automating Azure: From Command Line to DevOps for IT Pros

Automation is a key for successful deployment of Azure infrastructure solutions in a consistent and optimal manner. It saves time and increases the reliability of regular administrative tasks and deployment of your infrastructure resources. In this full-day tutorial, you will learn how to move from the imperative scripting at the command line with Azure PowerShell and Azure CLI to the deployments using declarative Azure ARM Templates and Terraform to fully-automated deployments with Azure DevOps and GitHub Actions. The tutorial includes a variety of practical exercises after each presentation.

Tutorial Agenda

  • Module 1: Using Azure PowerShell / Azure CLI / Azure Cloud Shell / Visual Studio Code Module
  • Module 2: Azure Resource Manager Template and Bicep Module
  • Module 3: Terraform Module
  • Module 4: Automate architecture deployments with Azure DevOps Module
  • Module 5: Automate architecture deployments with GitHub Actions

Top 3 Benefits of Attending this Virtual Tutorial:

  • Learn how to automate provisioning and management of infrastructure resources
  • Learn about pros and cons of imperative and declarative Azure infrastructure deployment models
  • Learn how to fully automate deployments using Azure DevOps and GitHub Actions


Date: Friday 28 May

Time: 10.00-16.30 CEST

Level: 300

Category: IT PRO

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