Automation in the Cloud for the Reluctant IT Pro

In the old days, scheduling a script was easy: you just created a scheduled task on your favorite Windows Server and made that run your PowerShell script exactly how and when you wanted. Granted, scripts often stopped working when the author left the company and we disabled their user account, scripts targeting SharePoint didn’t like to be launched from any other server, and there’s plenty of other challenges about. Along came the cloud and our toolbox expanded dramatically: Azure Automation, Azure Functions, Azure DevOps and even Logic Apps offers some interesting possibilities to make stuff happen on a schedule or run when a certain condition is met. This session will provide you with a demo-heavy but comprehensive overview of when to use what, their cost aspects and technical boundaries.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Discover the different options you have to run something on a schedule
  2. Find out the automation options that are suited for your needs
  3. Automate stuff in the cloud without running code other than PowerShell
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