Azure and Azure AD for Developers

This tutorial familiarizes attendees in Azure AD application authentication, both in SAML and in OAuth2/OpenIDConnect. The tutorial gives an overview of application authentication in Azure AD, the authentication methods available and how you select the correct authentication method, how you can configure and manage your application, and how you can apply controls to authentication using Conditional Access policies. The tutorial then gives two demos: first how to create a web application that authenticates with SAML, and how to configure the application & authentication in Azure AD, and the how to create a mobile application that authenticates with OAuth2, and how to configure that application in Azure AD. Finally the tutorial closes on what additional functionality is available to the application developer. 

Benefits of Attending this Tutorial: 

  1. Azure AD authentication and application functionality 
  2. Create and configure an application to authenticate with SAML or OAuth2 
  3. Additional functionality for controlling authentication in Azure AD 


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