Azure for Office 365 and SharePoint Developers – The Best Bits

Azure – there’s a lot in there considering it’s just a small word! As a skillset, Azure is practically mandatory for most Office 365 developers. Between Azure functions, web apps, Azure AD, BLOB storage, SQL Database, queues and web jobs, there are a lot of useful building blocks – and solutions like OfficeDev PnP use them heavily. Maybe you’re starting out and want to host remote SharePoint code (such as Office 365 apps or provider-hosted SharePoint add-ins), or maybe you’re familiar with many Azure bits but also have a list of “untouched” areas. In this session, Azure for Office 365 and SharePoint developers, we’ll dig into the most relevant Azure capabilities, using real scenarios to show winning combinations such as SharePoint web hooks and Azure functions.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. Demos of key scenarios which solve common developer problems using Azure (e.g. use of Azure for SharePoint web hooks)
  2. Coverage of several Azure building blocks (e.g. Azure functions, web jobs, queues) rather than a focus on just one
  3. Reference to best practice solutions such as OfficeDev Patterns and Practices code (PnP)
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