Azure Synapse Analytics: Data Analytics in the Cloud

Azure Synapse Analytics is best known as the successor to Azure SQL Data Warehouse. But while that’s true, it barely scratches the surface, because Synapse is also Microsoft’s premier data lake platform and one that’s accessible to practitioners with even the most basic SQL Server skills.

But the bigger picture is this: Azure Synapse Analytics is becoming the collection point for the great majority of Azure’s data and analytics services, including Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Explorer and Power BI, among others. Sound overwhelming? Never fear, as this session is designed to get you familiar and productive with Azure Synapse quickly. Through numerous demos, we will focus on the core data warehouse and data lake capabilities of Synapse, then branch out into many of its integrations.

We’ll cover the ins and outs of working with Synapse Studio, understanding Synapse notebooks, provisioning Synapse workspaces, SQL databases and lake databases; working with external data, and using Power BI with Synapse. Along the way, you’ll learn about critical open source technologies, including Apache Spark and Apache Parquet.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  • Working with Synapse core data warehouse and data lake services
  • Mastering tooling options, including Synapse Studio, Azure Data Studio and SQL Server Management Studio
  • Learn about data lake concepts and technologies like Apache Spark and Parquet
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