Boost Office Productivity by Building Add-ins for Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint

There are are over a billion users of Office, many spending hours each day working in apps like Word, Excel and Outlook. You can use the same web development skills you applied to the SharePoint Framework to build productivity-boosting Office Add-ins. In this session we’ll cover the basics of integrating with Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook and OneNote using modern tools like Gulp, TypeScript, React and Office-UI-Fabric and the modern web development toolchain. You can build Add-ins for internal business use or market them through the Office Store and reach over a billion information workers around the world who use Office products every day on Windows, Apple OS X and Office Web Apps with more platforms coming. We’ll show you how to solve critical business problems for your organisation with Office Add-ins that delight end users and require minimal development effort.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. Leverage your new SPFx skills to reach over a billion users of Office
  2. Deliver maximum business value with minimum effort
  3. Deliver solutions to users as part of the business applications they use every day
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