How to Break the Zombification of the Enterprise!

This session is about leveraging value in Enterprise Social. How to measure value of your Enterprise Social initiative and how to drive users to action with the help of social tools. Christian and Jussi will discuss how Social Enterprise can be made meaningful and powerful with the help of measuring Social Data, applying the right social strategies and using motivational hacking concepts to drive user engagement and collaboration in your SharePoint or Office 365 based Intranet. Additionally we also look at the pitfalls of Enterprise Social Media and how it’s used in the Enterprise. In a way, how to avoid behaviour and processes which lower user focus and attention. We will show ways to create an environment of social relatedness, empowerment through creativity, create masters at work through autonomy and meaningful work and use of Enterprise Social Media.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. To see how Enterprise Social is used in a meaningful and valuable way
  2. How to motivate End Users to use new Enterprise software
  3. How to create a sustainable and creative work environment


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