Build Your First SharePoint Framework Webpart

The release of the SharePoint Framework provides an entirely new model for building webparts for SharePoint Online. The Framework utilises JavaScript and Client Side Rendering to give developers the toolset necessary to make webparts that can interact with SharePoint and external data without one line of C# or full trust code. But how?

In this session we will look at the SharePoint Framework and its toolchain to build our first webpart. We will review the toolchain, create a new Framework based project and create our own custom webpart with custom properties and interactions with SharePoint data. Attendees will walk away with the samples necessary to begin building their own webparts. Although this is an introductory session for developers, an initial understanding of the framework will be helpful.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. Learn about the Framework toolchain and basic requirements
  2. Discover the steps necessary to build a Framework based webpart
  3. Get the code necessary to build a sample webpart
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