Build a “Fort Knox” around your Office 365

In today’s world where data security and privacy controls are of paramount importance for IT departments, one needs to make sure that our Office 365 environments are secured from both internal and external threats. In this session, we are going to learn about Office 365 security, including (but not limited) on the following topics:

– What’s new in Office 365/SharePoint Online Security and Compliance

– Unmanaged Devices Policies

– Privileged access management

– Security and Compliance Center,

– Microsoft Security Score

– External Sharing Controls

– Guest users in SharePoint Online, Office 365 groups and Teams

– How we can leverage PowerShell and other tools available to better understand security and sharing landscape in SharePoint Online

Anyone attending this session will go home with at least three things to check and immediately configure in their own Office 365 environment.

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