Cleaning up your Act. Fundamentals of Green Software Development

As the nations of the world agree on all of their carbon targets over the next decade whether we meet them or not needs a variety of approaches. These can include innovations such as carbon sequestration, greater use of renewable energy, controlling logging activity, more sustainable local food production and less shipping and reducing our data centre footprint. The latter offers huge possibilities with the movement to the cloud and has spurned a generation of Green Software principles.

In this talk, Richard Conway and Andy Cross will explain some of the principles of green software development and architecture and how they can apply to Microsoft Azure. With such things being reported as the energy needed to maintain the bitcoin network being twice the energy consumption of Switzerland, this talk will really make you stop and think about how to improve and make your cloud applications greener.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  • Better use of Azure services
  • Efficient AI
  • Good practice programming tips for lower energy consumption
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