Consistent Data Management with Statistics And Rules

This presentation will focus on how to create an efficient, simple and user-friendly data platform that allows you to easily control your own structure for data, documents, projects, cases and much more. With a more controlled structure and setup in SharePoint Online and Office 365, you will get the opportunity to secure all cross-organisational projects and their correct and related correspondence, data and decisions.

This will create a much stronger foundation for using data and their statistics, both soft and complex, on a more strategic level. The presentation will also provide case studies and demos that will present methods for how to control the flow of information by setting up rules for data, how you can use data statistics to make continuous improvement based on previous, current and accomplished projects.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Get a strategic understanding of data management
  2. Learn how to implement rules to control the flow of information
  3. Create your own data platform that allows you to use data for creating continuous improvement across the organisation
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