Create Azure-hosted Modern Cloud Business Web Apps for Office 365

Today’s business web apps require more than a backend database, rich business model and services. Successful applications require multi-tenant capabilities, integration with line-of-business systems, cloud-ready or even device agnostic, fluent web interfaces. Join me in this session to learn how Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 LightSwitch, a real revolution in rapid building of even most complex web applications, provides ability to create data mishaps by combining data from multiple external sources (SAP, SharePoint, Office 365, Sales-force, REST services, and more) and generate modern single-page apps (SPA), future-proof, mobile ready, cloud-hosted web interface. While at it, through an end-to-end example, you’ll learn how to deploy your web app in Azure.
In this session you will:
– Understand LightSwitch’s powerful capabilities in Visual Studio 2013
– Learn how to create & deploy fast-paced Azure-hosted SharePoint/Office 365 Apps
– Spice-up LightSwitch with 3rd party JavaScript libraries (AngularJS, SignalR)

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